About Us

Food should be fun


Dixie Pixie food truck is committed to making food fun in a big way. Seeings how we're in Texas, this totally makes sense. Here, you're getting comfort food staples that are bigger and better than the rest, making traditional fare with a decidedly SPAM twist.

Don't judge it t'ill you try it!


Yup, you read that right. Dixie Pixie is utilizing recipes from the Dixie states, making for meals that have that stick to your ribs quality you won't find just anywhere. So don't go looking. Instead, find Dixie Pixie, and get to eating. Sink your teeth into the big ol' dixie burger featuring a big ol' beefy patty topped with spam, bacon and lots of love!

Y'all come back now


Don't be shy, drop by our truck and say hello, we're always looking to make new friends and your guaranteed a happy belly